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This savvy slideshow sums up 11 awesome things about Mexico that don’t get the attention they deserve. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves…Which brings me to one of my favorite subjects rants: I’m not recommending you spend your next vacation poolside in Ciudad Juarez or anything (actually, I wouldn’t recommend that ever), but if you look at the numbers, Mexico is not as violent as many other popular tourist destinations, such as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

Also, since I am all geared up in my special “dead horse beating” outfit: Mexico’s murder rate is evidently half that of Detroit. While Detroit is not exactly viewed as an ultra-safe vacation Valhalla, I still think it’s interesting that US news networks are so willing to imply that Mexico is more violent than the US.


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  1. -el codo- says:

    Churpa, Mexico has traditionally played the part of “Speed Bag (boxers train of them bap-a-dah, bap-ah-dah, bap-ah dah)” for news media, alarmists, exaggerators, and story tellers.

    Let me rant THIS
    I don’t care if a person lives in Corn Cob, Iowa, do an online search of newspapers in a 100 mile radius from where you live and look at the crime reports. Scandalistas try to keep meticulous online records and post reports of every camera and wallet lifted from Americans in Mexico. If those folks were to attempt to list similar crimes and much worse ones committed in America, entire forests would be consumed to make enough newsprint and computer servers would catch fire from overloading.

    Remember the adage “I do not own an airplane but I know someone who has two”? Famous example of Mexican macho braggadocio. It pales in comparison to the avalanche of whoppers I see and hear about Mexico.