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You are invited to introduce yourself here… and, yes, go ahead and (gently, briefly) mention your business, just as long as it has some value to Mexico travelers. I don’t want to spend a lot of time editing these posts so keep it “on topic” please or I’ll just delete it.

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  1. Mark Bullick says:

    Verizon now offers a North American plan which for $120 a month for 2 phones gives you 1500 minutes anywhere in Canada, U.S, and Mexico. Mexican coverage is good enough to have about 100 towns with service in the state of Nayarit.

  2. Eric Duran says:

    I live in Bellingham Wa. and have been here since 96. I moved from Xalapa, Veracruz where I taught English privately and at a Montessori school. My father was from Mexico, mother from the U.S. and I traveled all my life from Mexico and back. All my fathers family live in Mexico, Cd. Valles, San Luis, and el D.F.
    I am in the process of developing a cross-cultural training and Spaninsh class. I love answering questions and talking about Mexico. I will be visiting San Luis in Dec. also, La Cascada de Tamul in La Huasteca, plus Real de Catorce, an old mining town established in 1772. The Huicholes come here to harvest peyote, part of thier religous ceremony. I will be filming with a Camcorder much of my 16 day trip. I am more than happy to share info.,photos by email, help Carl with info. and others.
    I have a relative, Juan Nepomuseno who was Col. under Santa Ana. My papa`s grandfather and greatuncle were both generals during the Mexican Revolution. One was compadres with both Zapata and Pancho Villa though being of the Federal Porfirista persuasion. I have much to share, old photos and am open to cordially discuss and learn more.
    Es todo por ahora….Eric Durán

  3. Hi eric, how can i get ur email adress to talk?



  4. felipe ramirez says:

    hi, im native from cd. valles s.l.p. mexico im very familiar with la huasteca i know cascasas del tamul, micos, puente de dios, nacimiento, tamasopo, pozas de Xilitla, real de catorce, tantoc phiramids , and also i know san miguel de allende


    hola yo soy nativo de cd, valles s,l,p, mexico y conozco todo lo relacionado al ecoturismo de la zona conosco tamul, micos, puente de dios, el salto, ruinas arqueologicas de tantoc (cultura huasteca)las pozas de xilitla donde se encuetra el castillo de edward james el ingles. tambien conozco real de catorce y muchas partes mas que si necesitan informacion adicioanl estoy para ayudar. en estos momentos radico en dallas tx.

  5. Carl says:

    Eric, Antonio, and Felipe:

    I was trying to figure out what your comments had to do with cell phones in Mexico and then I realized… “nothing”, you guys just wanted to introduce yourselves, right?

    Good idea… I’ve just created a new Category, “Introduce Yourself”. I’ll try to shift your comments over there.

  6. rita says:

    I am a retired female nurse. Do you take people on tours to mexico, or something along that line? I just found your book at the library in oakland park, florida, and thank you It was great. Liked reading about Lorena and Steve, and it was funny also.

  7. Carl says:


    Sorry, but Lorena and I are no longer leading tours to Mexico. We’re up to our eyebrows in writing projects!

  8. Jim says:

    From Seattle we plan to travel throughout Mexico this summer.
    On a Tourist Visa we hope to take Spanish classes [ We heard Baden Powell in Morelia was excellent. Any other suggestions.]; and then we want to visit several places with our intent to eventually retire to Mexico.
    We’re attracted to the Michoacan coast and the cities and towns there. Any info or leads would be appreciated.
    We boughtyour book and enjoy it!

  9. Hi everyone:

    I represent a group of ceramic artesans from the state of Guanajuato who are trying to promote their ceramics products.

    Talavera Tiles, Sinks, Roofing and Floor Tile all hand made, all factory direct to you.

    We will ship anywhere. Please visit our website:


    I have lived in Mexico since 1978 and would be happy to offer any help on real estate, restaurants, hotels, things to do in our area.

    Thanks to the webmasters for allowing us to introduce ourselves.


  10. Wayne Koskela says:

    Wayne, Mary & Millie (our dog) live in Massachusetts and plan to travel to MX, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We will be pulling a 29′ travel trailer with my 2005 F350 4X4 diesel pickup. Anyone have any thoughts, good or bad? Thanks, Wayne

  11. Wayne Koskela says:

    email; awkcamp@yahoo.com

  12. julie katz says:

    Hi, I found your postings when searching for real estate listings in Xalapa, Ver. I am an american. As a student at SIU in the 80’s i spent a summer semester in Xalapa with a group of students to attend the Univ. of Veracruz. It was the experience of a life time and I am dreaming of buying a casita en Xalapa or a town b/w Xalapa and Veracruz. This is my first foray into the Mexican real estate market and I have no idea of what I can afford, where to buy, etc. Husband is resistant (aren’t they always?) But I’m still dreaming. I would love to email anyone who has spent any time in Xalapa or the environs and wants to let me know what has happened there since 1983. Any advice? Julie

  13. Jack Lawson says:

    Hello… I am looking to retire in MX, preferrably somewhere near Guadalajara and the western coast… I don’t want to live on the beach but would like to be within an hour or so from there(like to fish).. looking for a “mexican” small puebla that will let me become a semi-native and live a quiet and inquisative life.. I want to learn to play the guitar and do some exploring around central/southern mexico.. I have about 18 months left before social security kicks in and I get all my debts cleared(essential for transition to mexico).. I would like to find a willing female partner to share the experience and enjoy life after work… I have seen affordable houses in small towns and am thinking that is what will work for me(?) at least a a base to explore from/to… I currently have a palapa in Los Barriles, BCS and will be selling that for the mainland move… Baja has gotten too crowded and expensive to consider permanent residency… I want to spend a minimu of 5-6 months per year in Mexico each year…

  14. Khaki Scott says:

    If you want to explore southeastern Mexico, why not come and live in Yucatan? We have wonderful small towns and villages, away from the beach in much cooler areas than you might imagine. Please do visit before making up your mind – and read Yucatan Living to see what life in Yucatan can be. For those who like the beach, Yolisto.com is always a great read and is a wonderful online community to help you decide if Yucatan is really for you.

  15. Gina says:

    I’m planning to relocate to Mexico within the next couple of years. Have my eye on Tequis, and hope to visit next summer. I’m also interested in Bernal, since I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher and it seems to fit in with the area.

    Would love to hear what you all have to say about Tequis and Bernal.

    By the way, I’m currently in San Francisco, CA, and can’t wait to move!

  16. Hal Croves says:

    Hey Carl, Lorena, Churpa….
    Been on board your bus since ’74, when we discovered your “new” book just before a big adventure. Switching back and forth for awhile now, between Willamette Valley and southern Mexico, but I’ll be settling down there soon. Just the other day, I found your first edition in a thrift store. Of course I had to pick it up. One of these days, I’ll have to get youall to sign it. Churpa can fill in for Steve!