Where’s My Tacos?

A man cuts meat at a Mexico City taqueria.Just stumbled across “36 Hours in Mexico City” from The New York Times. I enjoy this series and this installment is not half bad. The suggestions are predictably heavy on Colonia Roma and Condesa, but props to the grey lady for at least suggesting that visitors eat at a market, in this case Mercado de Medellín. That said, this is the only market on the itinerary, which seems crazy to me. Also, there’s no mention of The National Museum of Anthropology. Hey gringos, there’s a reason why this museum is the most visited in Mexico! It’s freaking amazing. In fact, the whole article is light on museums. Maybe the author wasn’t aware that Mexico City has some of the finest in the world? Also, I find nary a mention of tacos. Going to Mexico City without eating a taco is like…Actually I can’t think of anything comparably remiss. But hey, I have empathy for the writer. The bottom line? Thirty-six hours is not nearly enough time to explore the Big Enchilada.  You could totally entertain yourself for 36 hours in the Centro Historico and only make it around the block.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Paddle boating around Xochimilco, taking a tour and barking at Lopez Portillo’s “Dog House” the insanely overstocked inventory of sidewalk vendors (literally on the ground). The narrow comedores that have a counter but no seats (you wolf it down while standing). 100 square foot DVD shops containing the inventory equal an old blockbuster store, seven foot wide callejones leading to a push cart vendor selling whole bean chapas coffee roasted on the spot, women whose over-endowed physique threatens to pop them clear out of their too tight whatever the hell they’re called (blouse?). Seven foot cops with leather thingamabobs and belts squeaking as they walk down the sidewalk. Tooting Vochitos with those annoying high low whistle siren horns. And sidewalks that are so scarred they could have been lifted from an Afghanistan war zone.