Violent Land Grab At Tenacatita

A friend who lives very close to Tenacatita beach just sent us this very disturbing report:

“On August 4, early in the morning, the state police came and “invited” all the tourists to leave and then proceeded to kick everyone off the beach, supposedly with a judicial order on the part of the Rodenas Corporation (the ones that have been trying to get people off the beach for years), although no one has seen the order.

No one was allowed to take their things and stores, hotels, palapas and homes have been looted, windows broken, fridges, air-conditioners, food and everything imaginable stolen.

Night before last in Rebalsito the police fired over 200 shots into the air (mostly) and 3 people are in the hospital (including Cruz Flores, 75 years old, ex husband of Juana who used to have the cenaduria in town) with gunshot wounds. Another 17 are in jail in Cihuatlan. Even people not in the federal zone have been forced out. Irene, the German woman with a house on coco beach, with title, was forced to leave, many of her things taken away by the police (and delinquents they have working for them who are wearing orange shirts) and other things were destroyed.

Human rights commissioners have had their cameras and cell phones taken away. Lawyers, congressmen and others have been working to try to get some protection for the people, but it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

For more information go to:

When you get there, go to: noticias (top left hand side of page) and then type Tenacatita in the search (busqueda noticias) and you’ll see lots of articles. They’re in Spanish. You can use the Google translator if you don’t speak Spanish. It’s not the greatest, but it’ll give you an idea.

There’s also a video on UTube: trans.gif

We always knew something might happen, but no one expected storm troopers to come in and totally violate everyone’s human rights. Supposedly the Supreme Court of Jalisco has ordered the desalojo (making everyone leave) to stop, but no one has come to make this happen. It’s a very sad and almost unbelievable situation as people have lost their homes, livelihoods and possessions. The road is blocked by a barricade at the bridge, and townspeople have dumped ten loads of dirt, and downed trees to keep any heavy machinery from coming in. Mari and Felix at the Hotel Paraiso were forced to leave along with everyone else.

Lawyers are in Mexico city along with politicians who are trying to help, but it seems that even President Calderon is allowing it to continue.?