Carl’s Travel Light Packing Suggestions

An envelope says "par avion"




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Suggested Items:

o Strong, comfortable running or walking shoes, with non-skid soles

o Several pairs of sock. We prefer cotton.

o Two pairs of slacks (denim is too heavy)

o Women: dress or skirt (easily washed and packed)

o Two shirts or blouses (long- or short-sleeved but modest)

o Sweater, lightweight

o Jacket (lightweight) or windbreaker

o Rain jacket or compact umbrella (rainy season)

o T-shirt or two (widely available in Mexico, if needed)

o Sleepwear (long T-shirt)

o Lounging outfit (I use light sweatpants)

o Shorts

o Swimsuit (be aware that in Mexico a thong still attracts throngs)

o Daypack, small and lightweight

o Munchies, tea bags or special condiments you can’t live without

o Zip-loc bags (several sizes)

o Flashlight, small (a must)

o Small keychain style compass (very helpful with a guidebook)

o Notebook, pen, map

o Sun protection: hat, sunglasses, sun-block

o Suntan (a few 10- to 15-minute pre-trip tanning parlor sessions help prevent sunburns)

o Mini travel alarm

o Camera and film

o Hidden Pocket (see following section) or Money belt

o ATM card

o Glasses or contacts (bring prescription)

o Small towel and/or beach towel

o Soap, bath and laundry (small bars or refillable container)

o Stretch clothesline

o Small sewing kit

o Medicines, vitamins and supplements in original bottles or with prescriptions

o Pictures of your home, family, countryside or postcards or picture books



o Comfortable sandals or shower shoes

o Inexpensive penknife

o Earplugs (if Mexico’s noisy streets might disturb your sleep)

o Blockbuster novel or kindle

o ipod

o Surge protector (if you use electrical devices)

Do Not Bring: Jewelry, large sums of cash, fancy knives. (Steve says he’s lost several knives over the years at police and army highway checkpoints.)