Tourism recovering from 2009 flu blow – Mexico – The News

excerpted from The News, Mexico City

Tourism recovering from 2009 flu blow

Jueves, 17 de Diciembre de 2009

MEXICO CITY The nation is facing a $1.6 billion drop in tourism revenues for 2009, thanks to a deadly flu outbreak, but the fall is smaller than first feared and visitors should return in 2010, the government said on Monday.
Tourism is Mexico’s No. 4 source of foreign currency after oil exports, migrant remittances and foreign direct investment, and visitors spent $13.3 billion in 2008 visiting its sandy beaches, colonial towns and archeological vestiges.
But this year the H1N1 flu epidemic combined with soaring drug gang killings and a global economic slowdown to create a toxic cocktail that lightened Mexico-bound flights and caused big losses in the hospitality industry.
“We’ve never had what we had this year,” Tourism Minister Rodolfo Elizondo told a news conference. “The economic fall, influenza, the drug trafficking issue … factors that combined to create a difficult year.”

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  1. el codo says:

    Dropped in on an IMSS clinic. They were giving innoculations for H1N1, they gave me one, and then remarked that ANYONE can drop in when they were vacinating, get a flu shot. The service is absolutely without fee, or encumberance except they will ask for a name and an address (Mexico, USA, Egypt, Mars).