Tijuana Pharmacy?

Here’s a request from a reader that I hope one of you can lend a hand with:

I live an hour north of TJ, and have tried the number for the pharmacy you posted and several others on Skype and tried several different ways, and keep getting invalid number message. Can you send ANY link the lists valid phone numbers for Tijuana pharmacies? Thanks for your help.-John

Here’s my answer to John: I was hesitant in the first place about publishing the phone number for the pharmacy — as you’ve discovered, this kind of information is so highly perishable that it would take a lot of effort and persistance to keep it current and up to date. We just don’t have the resources to do that, so we have to rely on our generous readers to let us know when things have changed, and hopefully, to give us corrections. I’ll post your query on my Mexico Blog so keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Juanito says:


    A lot of published TJ phone #’s are still 6-digit long.  They have been changed to 7-digits.

    To call from the USA to Tijuana, try this:USA Int. Access code: 011Country code (Mexico): 52City Code (Tijuana): 664If local # has only 6 digits, put 6 in front. 
    For example:011-52-664-6-857343
    This should work for TJ.  Note that to call other Mexican cities the local number may be 8 digits long.  Check the AT&T website for more details.