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…if you’ve been wondering what we’re up to, or why we haven’t replied to your frantic emails, it’s because we’re just too busy. We try our best but as the website becomes more popular, we continue to fall behind.

If you’re inquiring about guided hikes in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, please write directly to Amy at Adventure Specialists for further information.

Amy’s email address is:

When booking a hike, be sure to mention our website in order to receive an autographed copy of The People’s Guide To Mexico.

Carl and Lorena

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  1. pat hawkins says:

    I like this site.I found information on this web site about the school in Chepe for Tarahuma Indians ,but I lost my print out. Help
    My friend & I were there in june
    Thanks Pat

  2. Ron Markle says:

    Do you send emailed updated blogs.
    I like your site. We visit Merida every winter and first visited 40 years ago. I’m always looking for new info about Mexico.

  3. churpa says:

    Thanks for reading! Go here to sign up for our RSS feed: