The 2nd Best Limonada in All MÉXICO

Actually I’ve never had better limonada, and all the Méxicanos that have tried it say it’s the best, but just to be safe I’ll call it, number two.

You will need:

  • Fresh limones. I select green ones that aren’t too hard — they seem to have more flavor. Buy a least a kilo for 2-3 people.
  • Limon squeezer, el exprimidor.
  • Jug, bottle or container. The way my friends consume limonada, sometimes I wish I had a 55 gallon barrel.
  • Powdered sugar or sugar syrup such as Jarabe de Madrileña, which can found in the liquor department.
  • Club Soda or Peñafiel. (Sadly Tehuacán brand mineral water has gone the way of the Dodo. Coke and Pepsi brands have little or no fizz.)
  • Ice cubes. (By law all ice cubes sold in México must be made from purified water, so you can stop asking.)



For 2 quarts I squeeze eight limones. This is about as strong as I like my limonada and more limones don’t seem to add much.

Chill the mineral water or club soda. (This is an essential step.)

Smash the ice cubes with a few whacks and put the slurry in the jug.

Add the chilled mineral water.

Now add the powdered sugar or sugar syrup to taste.

Glasses frozen in a freezer are the ultimate in luxury. So is sub-zero ice. But do the best you can.

Properly made limonada will “burn” the throat all-the-way-down. This feels so radical and tastes so good your friends will empty the jug before you can say ¿Que Pasa? This is why you purchased all those limones!

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