Tenacatita Owners: Read This!

I’m Sean Godfrey, one of the publishers of the Guadalajara Reporter.

I was in Tenacatita with Jane Gorby, our La Manzanilla correspondent Sunday and talked to various people including realtors and Notario Lomali on Monday. I did manage to go with the German woman Irene to her house but they aren’t letting her in anymore as there is nothing left in her home now.

My partner, the editor Michael Forbes and I have a meeting tonight, Tuesday, August 10 in our offices at 5 p.m.with the lawyer for Villalobos, the guy who claims the land and obviously used his political and financial muscle to orchestrate this land grab.

What I need are some copies of land titles and fidiocomiso papers to show this lawyer and so we can put a stop to the bulldozing of homes of foriegners. Please scan and send me as much documentation of your home or lot as you can and tell me who you are, how to get in touch with you by phone, how and when you bought your land, through what realtor, with what notary or if you used a presta nombre (Mexican citizen) to buy the ejido land, does he have a title to the land–and if so send me a copy of that. We are working to put a stop to the madness, but need your help.

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  1. Esteban says:

    Anyone who uses a presta nombre won’t have a leg to stand on. I can’t imagine falling for that kind of scam. People need to do their homework. With a fideicomiso at least you have a chance.

    Also, if the land was in fact ejido land or communal land RECENTLY, you may have a difficult time also. Let’s face it, the revolution and the constitution made allowances for poor people to keep their valuable land for a reason.

  2. jorge a. says:

    I just found out about , the terrible injustice being carried out by Sr villalobos.
    I have two lots on the mountain, with a fidocomiso, I am contacting a friend at CNN. & the new york times ,this needs to get out in the public. It cant be great to know that your your land can be confiscated so easily.
    This happend to my parents in Cuba , with Fidel.

  3. Esteban says:

    I’m just curious if you have contacted the Notario that did your transaction? They are the only legal entities able to make real estate transactions by Mexican law.


  4. Esteban says:

    I did some research of my own on this situation and found that the situation is complicated stemming from land ownership papers from the past. However, as usual, big money wants to squeeze all the little guys out of everywhere especially the rich coastal land. And as usual, and pretty much the same all over the world, the one with the most money wins. The greedy pigs will probably win again on this one. However, the Mexicans have a way of getting even unlike what you’d find in say the USA. I suspect, if Villalobos wins, there will be some extreme outbreaks of violence against his side. When the pendejos take food from the mouths of children, there is usually a strong reaction. A new revolution coming? Ojala!

  5. jorge a. says:

    The notario was Sr Lomeli, whom we hold in the highest regard , an ethical and honest individual, we had a strong comfort level with his degree of compentency or we wouldnt structured the transaction.
    His assistant said he would be sending some documents to review, we have not received anything yet.

  6. natasha says:

    Jorge and I purchsed two properties and went through Sr. Lomeli. Can anyone tell me the current
    status of properties in Tenacatita?

    Thank you…