Tenacatita News: Laptop Program a Success

Dispatch from El Rebalsito…Dobie writes:

Nothing new with the beach. The gate is still there, and access is still restricted. The new presidente of La Huerta, the municipality that was given the concession (the right to administer use of the beach) takes office at the end of this month. He has promised to help us open the access and there are several people who will be working with him, including the president of the ejido, Ernesto Garcia, and Chava Magaña, who has given lots of support to Tenacatita since the desalojo (eviction).

Dobie with Antonia, holding her new laptop and diploma.

Thanks to some generous donations (you know who you are), we were able to give a netbook to a young woman in her third year of high school and a a laptop to another student who entered high school this year. I’d like to share their thank you letters with you. I’ve translated both letters; the Spanish is below.


I Am Jovitha I am 17 years old and live in El Rebalsito studying in the regional high school of Cihuatlan module Miguel Hidalgo, in the town of New Miguel Hidalgo. I thank you for having given me the computer because the truth is I really needed it to be able to do my school work because all the homework they want done on computer and as I didn’t have one it was difficult to hand them in and now that I have one I’m able to hand in my homework on time. For my part that’s all and again THANKS.

Jovita Anahi Figueroa Vera


Soy Jovitha tengo 17 años vivo en el rebalsito estudio en la preparatoria regional de cihuatlan modulo Miguel hidalgo, en la población de miguel hidalgo nuevo.

Le doy las gracias, por haberme regalado la computadora porque la verdad si me hacía mucha falta, para poder hacer mis trabajos de la escuela porque todas las tareas me las pedían en computadora y como no la tenía me era muy difícil entregarlas y pues ya que la tengo, ahora si voy a poder entregar mis tares a tiempo.

De mi parte es todo y nuevamente GRACIAS.


Before any anything else, I want to sincerely ask you to forgive me since due to problems with my e-mail I had not been able to thank you  perhaps a thank you isn’t sufficient since with your gift you have offered me an opportunity to develop educationally but you should also have the security that I will give my best once again I thank you and send you thousands of blessings so that as you made it possible to help support me someone else or maybe even me in the future can be of help.

Sincerely,  antonia yaneth rodriguez gonzalez.

había podido agradecerles se que tal vez unas gracias no sean suficientes ya que con su regalo me han brindado una oportunidad para desarrollarme en el medio educativo pero pueden tener la seguridad de que le daré el mejor uso nuevamente les agradezco  y les mando miles de bendiciones para que así como ustedes hicieron lo posible por apoyarme alguien más o incluso yo en un futuro les sea de utilidad. Atentamente,

antonia yaneth rodriguez gonzalez

editor’s note: If you are interested in donating to the laptop fund, contact me.

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  1. dobie says:

    Thanks, Churpa for letting people know about this project. In the US computers are everywhere and are taken for granted – not so here in rural Mexico. Giving a computer to a motivated student can have a big impact on her/his life. Hopefully we’ll get enough donations to give another one at the end of this school year.

    • wayne says:

      hi Dobie ……I’m not sure if this will get thru to you….l lost your email address . just trying to get a hold of norm and vi

      • Felisa Rogers says:

        Hi Wayne,
        I can’t find Norm and Vi’s contact info, but I passed your message along to Dobie.

  2. churpa says:

    Thanks for your hard work, Dobie! You continue to amaze me. I will try to promote this on facebook too, as I think it is a most worthy cause. As a former student, I personally understand the limits of the school in Rebalsito, and I would love to do anything I can to give these students a leg up as they continue to pursue their educations…