Tenacatita News: La Huerta Nabs Concession from Rodenas!

By Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers

Hoy martes 10 de abril, salio publicado en el Diario Oficial de la Federacion,  el decreto que otorga en destino la zona federal maritimo terrestre de Tenacatita al Ayuntamiento de la Huerta, Jalisco

Translation: Today, Tuesday April 10, the Official Federal Newspaper published the decree that gives the concession of the federal zone of Tenacatita Beach, to the municipality of La Huerta.

So what does this mean? Dobie says it’s very good news. Basically it’s official that the municipality of La Huerta (which has long supported keeping Tenacatita public) now has control over the beach. HALLELUJAH! I think a round of Tequila may be in order.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Great news for the Mexican workers especially! A tiny but measurable less bit of poverty. Someone ought to ask the Ejido to try and keep an ongoing record of exactly how this has affected over the next year the number of tourists and economy in Rebalsito and Tenacatita. The results should then be certified by a notario and sent to the judges, the state government of Jalisco, Sematur, and Gobernacion in Mexico. Someone needs to show privatization of beaches is a death knell for the economy, and taxable income. Nothing succeeds like threatening to withhold peso slop from the political trough.