Tenacatita: A right fine mess | Guadalajara Reporter

Andres Villalobos is a successful, single-minded, if rather abrasive, entrepreneur, whose desire to build a luxury tourist resort alongside Tenacatita’s spectacular beach dates back several decades, when he first entered litigation with the ejido over ownership of the valuable land in question.  The legal machinations of this particular case are almost too complex to follow but if possession really is nine-tenths of the law then Villalobos will be virtually impossible to remove.  And even if judges do rule that the foreigners’ plots of land are rightfully theirs, who could they count on to evict the real-estate baron’s guaruas (guards) with the same show of strength displayed by state police on August 4.  Certainly not the current state government. The federal police or the Army? Don’t bet the farm on it.

I wish that I didn’t agree with this reporter’s conclusions but this truly is a “right fine mess” that won’t be easily resolved.

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  1. Esteban says:

    So what’s the latest on this big snafu? Anyone know?