Tarahumara School Project

Chihuahua flagOur friend Pilar just returnd from Bacabureachi, Chihuahua, where she and a team of volunteers delivered $1,200 of donated school supplies. The team then embarked on an improvement project at the Tarahumara school, where they re-roofed the dormitories, dug drainage ditches, replaced windows, and installed two washing machines. The school community was much appreciative: the boarding school is home to over 100 students, but receives no budget for maintenance or improvements. The American team worked closely with school officials and locals. Pilar writes: “Often good-hearted but misinformed people from our culture arrive in impoverished communities to help but their gifts are not understood or maintained. We needed to see that there was a network of people in Bacabureachi willing to work alongside us and take responsibility in caring for the resulting improvements. It takes a partnership where both sides sacrifice and work, with the locals creating the priorities, to make a lasting difference. At present we have that in place. The people in this village, their elected officials, and staff, are passionate about their school.” Pilar has written a full account of the project, which is well worth reading.

Contact Pilar if you would like more information, to contribute, or become involved: pilar.pedersen@gmail.com.

Flag image courtesy of Battroid.