Historical Photo of the Week: On the Road with Steve Rogers

family in van

Our friend Tia just sent me this stellar photo. This pretty much sums up my childhood growing up in a van down by the river. This particular van was named Zebu, after the white humped back cows you sometimes see along Mexican roadsides. I (the toothy child) am sitting on my bed, an oblong plywood box that doubled as a storage compartment. Note the sweet roof rack, the sacred cooler in the foreground, the lucky “God’s eye” hanging from the […]

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Back in the Big Enchilada: I Try a New Hotel

editor’s note: This post is by Tina Rosa, a veteran travel writer and adventurer who now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. She is the co-author of “22 Days in Mexico” and “The Shopper’s Guide to Mexico.” She blogs at Open Salon. Since my beloved Hotel Isabel Catolica upped its prices, I decided to give another abode a try. I like the historic district so cruised the net and settled upon Hotel El Salvador on Republica del Salvador, a […]

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Snapshots from Mexico: Burros and Mascaras

A wall of Mexican clown masks

editor’s note: My “sainted mother” Tina Rosa just sent me the following pictures from Mexico. Makes me homesick for San Miguel…Oh to be startling a random burro…Though if I’m going to be wishing myself into any Mexican situation, I think I’d be eating a milanesa torta on my way up to the zocalo. Or, of course, swinging in a Tenacatita hammock.

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Spring Here and There

  photos by Tina Rosa Here in the Oregon Coast Range, the winter has been a long sodden slog. We’ve endured a flood, a March snowstorm, and more sleet than I care to contemplate. Today, the sun is actually shining for the first time in weeks. It’s a little wan, yes, but it sparkles on the spiderwebs and budding branches and leads me to fanciful thoughts. Hmm…perhaps this corner of the world is not such a dreary place after all, […]

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Lago Atitlan

People’s Guide correspondent Tina Rosa just posted a lovely vignette about Lake Atitlan. It brings back childhood memories of living in Panajachel.

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Summary of Tenacatita Violence

Tina’s earlier post made me realize that many mextrippers are still in the dark about the situation at Tenacatita. Here is a summary that we wrote last year. by Churpa Rosa and Tina Rosa Tenacatita is a small fishing community on the coast of Jalisco, Mexico.  Since the 1940s, access to Tenacatita beach has been controlled by the adjacent ejido, a land cooperative established by the Mexican government in accordance with the land reform laws that were the direct result […]

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Tenacatita Update

My “sainted” mother Tina Rosa sent us the following update on the situation at Tenacatita. For more of her writing on the subject visit her blog. Also, here’s a general overview of the events that have transpired since August 2010. by Tina Rosa Since high-placed thugs stole the beach of Tenacatita from the local ejido in August of 2010, I’ve spent some time each winter in the nearby village of Rebalsito, Jalisco. I’m not alone–many other former campers return in […]

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On the Road in the Sweat Lodge

Hippies party near van in Mexico.

by Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers Ah, vans! Tina Rosa, on the far right. Mexico used to have a real van culture. I grew up in it. When I was two months old, we traveled across the border in a Dodge camper my parents called the Sweat Lodge. The Sweat Lodge was succeeded by a white Chevy van we called Cebu, and then by Jolly, a Forest Service green Dodge van my dad bought at a government auction. All these vehicles […]

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