A Rhode Islander in Mexico

Erik Loomis, who usually writes at one of Rich’s favorite blogs, is currently in Mexico and blogging about his trip. His first post  begins with a charmingly reasonable statement: “Mexico is a pleasant and safe place to be if you are not part of the drug trade. There are regions that are more safe than others, but by and large, there are no real problems for visitors, and I don’t just mean in the areas that are basically the United […]

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Historical Photo of the Week: Jackie in Mexico City

Jackie Kennedy stands surrounded by dancers clad in white.

    Another photo from the Kennedy’s 1962 diplomatic visit to Mexico City. The president and first lady attended a performance at the ballet folklorico and joined Mexican president Lopez Mateos to greet the dancers after the performance. Interestingly, I’m finding a lot of photos (and one video) of this trip, but not much in the way of text. This photo credited to Cecil Stoughton, White House/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston  

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Historical Image of the Week: The Occupation of Mexico City

A battle in the war between Mexico and the US.

First published in 1850, this lithograph depicts the US Army occupying the zocalo in Mexico City’s Centro Historico. The image was originally published in The Mexican War and its warriors : comprising a complete history of all the operations of the American armies in the Mexico . . . illustrated with numerous engravings. Image courtesy of NYPL digital collections.

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Cost of Living: Mexico City, SMA vs. New York

A San Miguel de Allende street scene.

At Moon.com, Julie Doherty Meade compares specific costs of living in New York, Mexico City, and San Miguel de Allende. Meade’s writing is engaging and this could be a useful resource if you are contemplating a move to Mexico. Meade rates Mexico City as slightly more expensive than SMA, which was surprising to me. I would have thought it would be the other way around, though I’ve never done a scientific comparison. I will say that her food estimates are […]

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Obama Visits Mexico City

  I find it kind of weird that Obama visits Mexico City and the angle the LA Times decides to play up is…people are inconvenienced. Doesn’t that happen anytime el presidente goes anywhere? Evidently Obama is staying in a fancy hotel (of course) in Polanco. The news coverage makes me happy that I didn’t pursue my dreams of world domination. Presidential travel sounds pretty lame. I bet he doesn’t even get to eat any real tacos…

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Taking the Bus in Mexico City

I’m a big fan of the Mexico City subway system, which is super cheap, super fast, and super easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. It’s also remarkably comprehensive. This trip we managed to avoid paying for a cab, and only took the bus once—when we traveled from our van (which we left parked on the far outskirts of the city) to a metro that would take us to our hotel. However, from the sound of it, […]

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The Trip in Full

'87 Dodge van parked in palm grove.

So we made it. 6,500 miles in an ’87 Dodge van. We camped off-road in Chihuahua. We got lost at night on the back roads of Oaxaca. We drove through states, such as Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, that are known as hot spots in the narco wars. According to one study, we drove through three of the top twenty most violent cities in the world (by murder rate):  Acapulco, Torreon, and Culiacan.                                                                                                                            photo by Gina Dilello We rode the subways […]

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Excellent Images of San Judas de Tadeo

A boy with a bare chest and San Judas tatooo.

Ever since I discovered San Judas de Tadeo, I’ve become obsessed. Turns out he’s everywhere. On closer inspection, half the Jesuses (sp?) in Mexico are actually San Judas de Tadeo. In fact, I got home to Oregon and discovered that I had a San Judas candle in my house that I’d never even noticed…So, imagine my delight in this amazing cache of photographs  of San Judas devotees in Mexico City. (The photographer is Keith Dannemiller and his other stuff is […]

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Historical Photo of the Week: Tina Modotti by Edward Weston

Nude shot of Tina Modotti by Edward Weston.

Nude, Mexico                                  by Edward Weston      photo from Getty Museum Archive According to an interesting post at the Getty Museum Archive, Edward Weston shot this photo on a Mexico City rooftop in 1924. He was on the roof to shoot clouds, but got distracted by his lover, Tina Modotti, sunbathing. Another piece to the fascinating puzzle of Modotti’s storied life. Tina Modotti was born in Italy in 1896. As a child, she worked in a silk factory. At sixteen, she followed […]

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