From the Archives: An Eight-Year-Old’s Travel Journal, 1987

Map of baja drawing

Churpa writes: While researching for a memoir of my childhood on the road, I’ve been digging through old family photographs and journals, and I found this very detailed illustrated travel journal that I started when I was eight, in 1987. The journal is canvas-bound with a sweet splatter paint design on the cover, and spans from November 1987 to the spring of ’89. It covers two long trips, from Oregon to Baja to Guatemala and back again. At the time, […]

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Flashback Mexico Travel Journals 1992-2013

Dec 31-Jan 10, 1992  Tenacatita, Jalisco (age 13) We traveled through the dessert (which was kind of boring) and then we crossed the border. We then drove down to visit our friends the Huichols. Guillermo had just left for the sierra! Too bad. We had an OK time with the Huichols and I once again tried tortilla making and failed. I can do it with a press, but patting it out by hand is beyond me. (Mine always are full […]

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Guards Patrol Tenacatita

The author and her husband stroll the beach at Tenacatita.

Although the gates that blocked access to the public road to Tenacatita are most definitely gone, the Tenacatita Bay Bugle reports that ten of Villalobos’s armed guards are still patrolling the beach to ensure that locals don’t set up shop. Yesterday The Guadaljara Reporter ran a comprehensive story on the saga.   *photo by Gina Dilello

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La Mosca

A Mexican fisherman fixes his fishing nets.

I thought I’d counter my previous depressing post on Tenacatita with this picture of our old friend La Mosca, fixing his fishing net at his new restaurant out at the boca, where the Rio Purificacion meets the Pacific. There’s no safe swim spots nearby, but the Ocean is stunning and I have a feeling Cuca’s cooking is as good as ever. Best chiles rellenos in the world. My sainted mother reports that our friend Chely also has a great little […]

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Tenacatita Protest in Guadalajara

For those of you who read in Spanish…Check out the new blog Tenacatita Libre, which will be covering the ongoing Tenacatita drama. Today the blog reports on the upcoming protest in Guadalajara. Protestors will be meeting at 7 PM on May 21st at el Templo Expiatoria. The event is to protest the ongoing closure of the public beach and Villalobo’s refusal to follow the dictates of the court ruling against him. Dobie reports that it sounds like the protest is […]

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