1st Annual Caballo Blanco Hike

Hiking Copper Canyon

Divisadero to Urique 2013 March is the best time of year to hike in Copper Canyon, and we took advantage of some free time in our schedules to get some miles in. We’ve been hiking to the ultramarathon in Urique for the last 6 years, but since this was the first year that the race director Micah True was absent, we’re dedicating this year’s hike as the first annual Caballo Blanco Memorial Hike. The last two years we’ve hiked in […]

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Finding a Trail from Divisadero to the Rio Urique

Michael Huckaby hikes the Copper Canyon.

This post is a continuation. Any ordinary tourist would promptly get back on the train when the whistle blows at Divisadero, and lament all the way to Creel about not grabbing his or her gear and jumping off the train. But let’s say, you do give in to the impulse. Let’s say you get on the train, and sit down and see your gear, and say, “what the hey”; and just before the train lurches forward, you grab your gear […]

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In Memory of Caballo Blanco

People’s Guide correspondent Mike Huckaby remembers the legendary Micah True, who passed away suddenly this March. True forged ties with the Tarahumara community and instigated the famous Copper Canyon Ultramarathon.  by Mike Huckaby I remember the first time I met Micah. It must have been 1996, and we were coming back from a big Semana Santa celebration in Norogachi. We had taken the five hour dusty, rutted dirt road in by way of Cusarare. Noragachi sits on the banks of […]

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Caballo Blanco in the Copper Canyon

Mike Huckaby sent this alert about our mutual friend and soon-to-be-legendary character “Caballo Blanco”. The 2009 book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall churns circles around the running shoe industry, and now this video catapults Caballo Blanco into unanticipated prominence. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIyEvomUz14

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