Tacopedia? Yes please!

  So this is an amazing map. Further analysis and enlarged views here. It really makes me want to get a hand on the book from which it originated: La Tacopedia. Enciclopedia del Taco.  Review copy, por favor! How many of these tacos have you eaten?   (also, special thanks to the always interesting blog Geo-Mexico for alerting me to this delightful bit of ephemera.)

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Panel of Food Experts in London Name "Best Taco in the World"

An invitation to Chowzter

As food blogger Nicholas Gilman reports, a panel of experts in London weighed in on the best “traditional fast food” in the world. The awards were divied up to seven categories of contenders: sandwich, sausage, pizza, curry, burger, fried chicken and taco. Three of the nominees in the taco category were not from Mexico, but happily a taqueria in Queretero won, thus preventing potential riots in Mexico. The taqueria in question, Barbacoa Santiago, is a barbacoa joint. Although I have […]

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Road Food Round-Up: Barbacoa and the Search for Taco Greatness

A man cuts meat at a Mexico City taqueria.

                                                  “Barbacoa Don Cuco” The white rabbit blinks pink eyes and settles deeper into its nest of foil-wrapped lollipops. No, this isn’t a department store Easter display–it’s just another day at a roadside barbacoa restaurant on the highway between San Miguel de Allende and Queretero. Barbacoa Don Cuco is an airy room furnished with Mexico’s ubiquitous white plastic chairs and tables, a large horno, a sturdy wooden slab where a teenage boy dices meat with a cleaver and an old […]

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Goat Tacos!

A plate of goat birria

Finding a good eatery is a fine art, best practiced when you’re not in a state of hysterical starvation, but instead only pestered by a mild hunger that still allows for careful evaluation. In one such mood, we discovered “El Amigo Pastarano”, probably the fiftieth barbacoa de chivo joint we passed on one five mile stretch of Highway 200, in southern Guerrero. “This is the one!” I said, noting the banner that advertized homemade tortillas, free consome, and, of course, […]

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Road Notes–State of Puebla

aVolcano Popocatépetl in Puebla

view of smoking volcano from Balneario “Los Cactus“ The toll road from Ixtapaluca to Puebla (150-D) costs 130 pesos. The cuoata, which is in great shape, passes through beautiful pine-covered mountains. We saw a couple of camping areas that looked nice, but wanted to press on a little further. We’d just spent several days in Mexico City and didn’t feel like another big city, so we bypassed Puebla in search of something more tranquilo.  We were in luck. Highway 190 […]

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Apologies and Tacos

Tacos on the grill at a street stand.

  First of all I would like to extend a huge apology to Jeff O’Brien for my mishandling of his taco rant! I accidentally posted it under my own name. I could swear that I selected “Jeff” for author, but apparently it didn’t save. Anyway, me listed as an author gives the article a rather strange slant, as he repeatedly refers to “his wife”. As many of you know, I do not have a wife. Speaking of Jeff’s illustrious and […]

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I want Tacos

“I want tacos, not chingaderas,” my wife said.  We looked down at our plates, courtesy of a local Mexican restaurant, the fourth or fifth to fail to meet Mex-pectations.  Orange cheese, tomato sauce, hamburger with generic taco seasoning.  All the sins were accounted for.  This particular place had even used baked brown beans. The sweet odor of molasses hit us before the plates hit the table.  It was beginning to look hopeless. The Latino population where we live is not […]

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Eating on the Cheap in Mexico

by Felisa Rosa Rogers The mayonnaise is yellowing in the afternoon heat. The open tub sits atop the food cart, with no ice in sight. I do the math — it’s 3:30 PM, and the elote cart has probably been open for business since noon, which means that the mayo has been exposed to the open air for three or four hours, maybe longer. “Quires mayonesa?” the girl asks, holding up my corn on-a-stick. I hesitate. An elote is a […]

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Eating Around Mexico

by Rich Peterson “I don’t know, it’s looking rather sparse out here,” Abigail proclaimed from the driver’s seat. “I think we might be out of luck, guys.” Though the four of us in the Dodge van traveling north toward Nogales had already eaten at a taqueria  just a few hours earlier, our impending return to the United States had us already missing Mexico; especially the food. We all agreed we wanted tacos one more time before we crossed the border. […]

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