The Palapa Files: Home Sweet Tilapia Pond

Chito's campground, Tenacatita

And then we went from partying on the piazza of a pseudo-Moorish palace to camping in the dirt in a defunct tilapia farm. The tilapia farm in question is located behind Chito’s restaurant, about a kilometer from Tenacatita beach, on the coast of Jalisco. Since the failure of the tilapia venture, Chito has been busy building a campground on the site, replete with palapas, a volleyball court, and supposedly showers, though we never exactly saw that dream materialize. I shouldn’t […]

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Tenacatita Update

My “sainted” mother Tina Rosa sent us the following update on the situation at Tenacatita. For more of her writing on the subject visit her blog. Also, here’s a general overview of the events that have transpired since August 2010. by Tina Rosa Since high-placed thugs stole the beach of Tenacatita from the local ejido in August of 2010, I’ve spent some time each winter in the nearby village of Rebalsito, Jalisco. I’m not alone–many other former campers return in […]

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