Can I Take My Cat on a Mexican Bus or Train?

A large black tom cat

A reader writes: Hola! We are doing a West Coast RV trip with our rambunctious 8-month-old kitten in January. Would he be allowed on the Copper Canyon train if in a carry kennel? Can he ride on first class buses? Churpa replies: I have never tried to take a cat on a Mexican bus (though, to be fair, it sounds like something I might attempt). I hear it’s possible to take a pet on the Primera Plus line, but the […]

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Good Brands of Dog Food in Mexico? A Glossary of Terms

Carl and Lorena’s beloved Poco A reader writes: Hello Carl Could you please provide me with the names of some of the better quality dog foods. I can’t read Spanish (yet) Thanks Lois editor’s note: Carl is lurking in his northern lair, so I turned to PG correspondent El Codo for some investigative reporting. El Codo: Northern Mexico, the Baja California peninsula, and larger cities are more prosperous and a person is more likely to find expensive dogs, and therefore […]

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