Can I Take My Cat on a Mexican Bus or Train?

A large black tom cat

A reader writes: Hola! We are doing a West Coast RV trip with our rambunctious 8-month-old kitten in January. Would he be allowed on the Copper Canyon train if in a carry kennel? Can he ride on first class buses? Churpa replies: I have never tried to take a cat on a Mexican bus (though, to be fair, it sounds like something I might attempt). I hear it’s possible to take a pet on the Primera Plus line, but the […]

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Taking a Dog or Cat to Mexico

Rich walks a dog in San Miguel's Parque Juarez.

“To take a dog or cat into Mexico or Guatemala, you must have a veterinarian’s certificate stating that the animal is in good health and has been properly inoculated, including against rabies, within the past six months.”—The People’s Guide to Mexico, 14th edition You can include more than one pet on the same certificate, which should be recent (within 15 days) and should  also list your home address and the address of your primary destination in Mexico. When you cross […]

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