Obrador Challenges Election Results

Obrador is contesting the results of last Sunday’s presidential election. He accuses the PRI of buying votes to secure victory. The BBC reports: “…Will Grant in Mexico City says it is not just Mr Lopez Obrador’s team who are pushing for alleged irregularities to be investigated. There is a broad spread of people, not necessarily from the left, who feel that votes in their parts of Mexico were tampered with, he adds.” note: special thanks to El Codo for directing […]

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Hundreds of Thousands Rally to Support Obrador

Protestors rally in Mexico City in support of Obrador.

PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador drew hundreds of thousands of supporters to the Mexico City zocalo for the final speech of his campaign. My sainted mother was in the city at the time and sent the photos you’ll see below. She thinks Obrador actually has a chance of winning this Sunday’s presidential election. The PRD, Mexico’s most prominent left wing party, has never won a presidential election, and most analysts are betting on PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. But […]

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