Book Review: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire

The story has plenty to lure the reader: banditry, kidnapping, hubris, madness; but it is a fine attention to detail, on both the factual and visceral levels, that distinguishes C.M. Mayo’s first novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. Drawing from original research and a nuanced understanding of Mexico, Mayo relates one of the country’s more fantastic historical episodes: Maximilian, an idealistic Austrian prince who, with French backing, is crowned emperor of Mexico in 1864. With his young wife, […]

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"Footloose in Mexico"

Vintage topography map of Mexico.

  Speaking of “The Mexico Issue”, I just stumbled across an old Mexico issue of “The Saturday Review”. I particularly enjoyed this article, written in the days where Mexico City was a big place with a population of three million, Cuernavaca was a “small town,” cars were rare on the roads, and the average American reader had never eaten a tortilla. I wish I could have seen Mexico in 1951, but I do feel fortunate to have grown up amongst […]

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