Traditional Grilled Chicken Recipe

pollo asado, tender and savory.

Last night Ricardo and I grilled dinner in the garden. He baked potatoes in the dutch oven, and I marinated and grilled chicken. I used a recipe from my friend Jazmin, who grew up in rural Guerrero. The simple guajillo-based marinade packs a powerful punch, and the chicken turned out juicy, with a lip-tingling spice and a smoky undertone. Jazmin butterflies thicker pieces of chicken before grilling. “The secret to barbecuing chicken is to make sure the flame isn’t too […]

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Road Food: Burrito Round-Up

Desert ridge in Chihuahua Desert.

As I’ve mentioned, burritos are not exactly synonymous with Mexican food in my world. That said, Chihuahua is burrito country and I’ve resolved to eat as many as possible as we cross the state’s vast and thorny expanse. Burrito #1-“RR” Restaurant and Hotel, Jamas, Chihuahua The classic Chihauhau burrito is long, narrow, loosely rolled, open at both ends, and served without a fork. This fifteen peso ($1.20) chicken burrito filled the bill and was especially satisfying because we were cold […]

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Sopa de Lima: Just the Thing for a Nasty Cold

A bowl of tortilla soup with avocado and lime.

A variation on “Sopa de Lima”, a Yucatecan recipe from my battered copy of “The Cuisines of Mexico”, by Diana Kennedy. (I added avocados and used coconut oil instead of lard, which gave the soup a pleasant tinge of the Caribbean.) In addition to fried tortillas, the bowl is loaded with fortifying ingredients: chicken, chiles, onion, and ten cloves of roasted garlic, all floating in a clear and spicy chicken broth. Top it with lime juice and you have a […]

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I want Tacos

“I want tacos, not chingaderas,” my wife said.  We looked down at our plates, courtesy of a local Mexican restaurant, the fourth or fifth to fail to meet Mex-pectations.  Orange cheese, tomato sauce, hamburger with generic taco seasoning.  All the sins were accounted for.  This particular place had even used baked brown beans. The sweet odor of molasses hit us before the plates hit the table.  It was beginning to look hopeless. The Latino population where we live is not […]

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Magazine Review: Saveur's "Mexican Issue"

Just got my paws on a copy of “The Mexico Issue” from Saveur Magazine. Amazing! The focus on regional variations of authentic down-home cooking impressed me from the start, and the recipes look great. I particularly want to try this one for squash blossom soup. The photographs are gorgeous, and the editors possess a heartening attention to detail: the magazine doesn’t just skim the surface with recipes from New York chefs or peppy odes to, say, adding chipotle to your […]

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12 Awesome Mexican Dishes You'll Seldom Find in the U.S.

Tacos on the grill at a street stand.

Editor’s note: If Steve were still with us, no doubt this list would be longer…much longer. As it was, we had to rely on our panel of bickering in-house experts: Carl Franz, El Codo, and me, Churpa. Lorena was not available for comment and will no doubt be horrified by the preponderance of meat dishes. You may live in Portland or Seattle or New York, and your local Mexican joint may be a bistro that serves ‘authentic moles, farm to […]

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Carjackers, Stewed Iguana, and Pollo Guisado

Just had a great visit with our friends Mark and Jazmin, who live on the coast of Guerrero, about an hour outside of Zijuatanejo. They report that things seem to be cooling off in their area. Last year they made do with a decrepit, rusty truck because they were worried about car jackings. This year, crime seems low enough that they feel comfortable bringing a better vehicle down. I’ll keep you posted. In addition to filling us in on the […]

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