Should I Bribe a Mexican Cop?

Mexican police badge, DF.

editor’s note: I recently mentioned getting pulled over by cops in Acapulco. Dan wrote  wanting to know more, and I think he raises some interesting questions about bribery in modern Mexico. Dan writes: In regards to your interaction with the cops in Acapulco, a few questions: 1. Was this federal police or local police? 2. Where were you stopped, was it on the main touristy road, Costiera Miguel Aleman? 3. What did they ask from you? 4. What’s an appropriate […]

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Policia and Driving Laws Update

Mexican cops eating ice cream

The PFP Federal High Patrolmen are pretty straight-laced these days. If you get stopped and ticketed, you can go online and see how much your ticket is going to cost. I keep in mind the highway patrol has “instant on” radar and they know how to use it. Seat belt use is now mandatory on every federal highway in México. Federal Highway patrolmen are frequently stationed just after a cuota toll booth, so buckle up or get nailed. The […]

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