Traveling with Children and Water Quality

hippie family in van

A reader writes: This summer, my wife and I wish to travel and stay for a month or so to San Miguel or Guanajuato with our children ages 4 and 1 (right around 12-13 months). Our itinerary will be light:  just stay in a city and get to know it intimately. However, we’re concerned about issues like water: brushing teeth, when washing food, etc, especially with our younger child. Wondering if there’s a risk of him becoming ill even if […]

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On Becoming an Abuelo

Pliar, eleven, and Dalia, seven, don’t remember life before their adopted grandfather started spoiling them to death. The two little girls have become as close to my heart as any pair of blood-related grand kids could ever be. Bam! Bam! Bam! “Grandfather, open the door!” followed closely by “Grandfather we’re hungry!” is a routine part of summer vacation and weekends. Brenda and Jesús are mom and dad. A few years ago, Jesús’ sister Andrea  departed from her “normal” luridly risque […]

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Growing Up on Mexican Time

I traveled to Mexico for the first time when I was two months old, swaddled in the hull of the “Sweat Lodge,” Steve and Tina’s beloved ’62 Dodge camper. Over the course of my childhood, we’d make the drive south another 14 times, traveling as a family in Mexico and Guatemala for 4-6 months out of every year. Mexico was and is a wonderful country for a child. People were invariably welcoming to me, and no establishment was off limits […]

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