Slog in the Sonoran Sierras – A Feast of Thorns

As part of our long term goal of retracing the steps of the early known explorers of the Sierra Madre Occidental, we set off from a ranch near the confluence of the Yaqui and Sahuaripa rivers on an exploratory hike. We hope to hike from Sonora to Chihuahua this year, but we’re still trying to find the trailhead! Sonoran Sierra Map To scout the route, we hiked uphill from the ranch house to a panoramic vista that offered a tantalizingly […]

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Finding a Trail from Divisadero to the Rio Urique

Michael Huckaby hikes the Copper Canyon.

This post is a continuation. Any ordinary tourist would promptly get back on the train when the whistle blows at Divisadero, and lament all the way to Creel about not grabbing his or her gear and jumping off the train. But let’s say, you do give in to the impulse. Let’s say you get on the train, and sit down and see your gear, and say, “what the hey”; and just before the train lurches forward, you grab your gear […]

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