In Search of the Oaxaca Trailer Park

Downtown Oaxaca, Mexico

“I think go left here,” Churpa said, so I quickly pulled Miss Louisiane into the left lane in front of a little blue Vocho that honked as it then changed lanes and zipped past us on the right. In Mexico, you have to make your moves without hesitation or you’ll never make them at all. “I can’t go left. It’s one way.” I said as we approached the intersection. “Then go right,” she replied, as the right lane filled with […]

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Road Notes: Janos, Gomez Palacio Bypass, and Chihuahua Libre Highways

Driving from Ciudad Jimenez.

If, on the off chance, you are looking for a hotel room in Janos, Chihuahua, the “RR” hotel is clean and friendly, though extremely funky and rudimentary. For 180 pesos a night for two (14.60 USD) a night, you can’t complain… I concede defeat…El Codo is correct…The coffee at the OXXO mini marts is not bad…I think his exact word was “good”. I’m sticking with “not bad”, but it’s definitely better than gas station coffee in the U.S. I try […]

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Mark's Pick: Mexico Road Atlas

by Mark Walker Mexico Road Atlas “Por las Carreteras de Mexico 2012” (Guia Roji) If you are traveling to Mexico you are going to get a map of some kind. Por las Carreteras de Mexico is probably in more cars traveling south than any other map or atlas. Now in its 18th edition, the atlas has all of the features you will need, including an extensive index of towns and cities, a distance chart, and a page showing the symbology […]

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Eating Around Mexico

by Rich Peterson “I don’t know, it’s looking rather sparse out here,” Abigail proclaimed from the driver’s seat. “I think we might be out of luck, guys.” Though the four of us in the Dodge van traveling north toward Nogales had already eaten at a taqueria  just a few hours earlier, our impending return to the United States had us already missing Mexico; especially the food. We all agreed we wanted tacos one more time before we crossed the border. […]

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