Mexico's "Crown Jewel" Toll Road Opens

The headline title is amped-up for a good reason – the new Mex 40-D certainly could be a contender as “The Eighth Wonder Of The World.” Carving and spanning it’s way through mountains and across deep gorges of the southern Copper Canyon, the highway is considered a marvel by engineers all over the globe. More than a hundred tunnels and bridges were necessary in its construction and the Baluarte Bridge roadway is suspended more than a quarter-mile above the canyon […]

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Wotta ride this will be…

A bridge spans an amazingly deep canyon.

(if we can afford the cuotas)   The Baluarte Bridge, which crosses a canyon deep enough to fit the Chrysler building. As the Associated Press reports, the long-awaited Durango-Mazatlan Highway is slated to be complete this August.  

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Road Notes: Janos, Gomez Palacio Bypass, and Chihuahua Libre Highways

Driving from Ciudad Jimenez.

If, on the off chance, you are looking for a hotel room in Janos, Chihuahua, the “RR” hotel is clean and friendly, though extremely funky and rudimentary. For 180 pesos a night for two (14.60 USD) a night, you can’t complain… I concede defeat…El Codo is correct…The coffee at the OXXO mini marts is not bad…I think his exact word was “good”. I’m sticking with “not bad”, but it’s definitely better than gas station coffee in the U.S. I try […]

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Toll Costs for Cuota System!

My dad was a notorious cheapskate, but even Steve lapsed into poetry when he encountered his first cuota, which bypassed one of our least favorite stretches of highway, the spine-chilling Barranca de los Muertos (Canyon of the Dead). For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of driving in Mexico, a cuota is a toll road. They began appearing in the 80s and have spread across Mexico, so that now most major routes have two options: libre […]

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