The Call of the Canyons

Copper Canyon Steep Trails

editor’s note: PG correspondent Mike Huckaby is a seasoned hiking guide. If you are interested in sustainable tourism and really getting off the beaten path, we highly recommend Copper Canyon Trails. December 12: Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe The week preceding la Dia de la Virgin brought four days of rain, and promised more. Celebrations in Creel sounded like the Blessing of the Fleet. Big trucks from lumber, mining, construction, tourism, and ranching converged in a cacaphony of horns, […]

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Copper Canyon Correspondent

Rio Batopilas bridge 2013

What’s up Down There The paved highway from the junction at Samachique to Batopilas is progressing relentlessly. It has reached the roadside capilla where the 5am bus used to stop to allow folks to give thanks coming up, or where you could climb on top of the school bus for fabulous views of siete pisos going down. That popular capilla is now in the bottom of a ravine. Rubble from the road widening project is being pushed downhill, creating talus […]

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Finding a Trail from Divisadero to the Rio Urique

Michael Huckaby hikes the Copper Canyon.

This post is a continuation. Any ordinary tourist would promptly get back on the train when the whistle blows at Divisadero, and lament all the way to Creel about not grabbing his or her gear and jumping off the train. But let’s say, you do give in to the impulse. Let’s say you get on the train, and sit down and see your gear, and say, “what the hey”; and just before the train lurches forward, you grab your gear […]

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