My Father in Ten Songs

Dad blindfolds his daughter for pin-the-tail at birthday party.

The venerable garage band Dead Moon has a song called “Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead.“The last verse opens strong: “Some of my friends are gone forever/Paled into the light/Things I wish I could have said/As they passed into the night.” But that’s not the part that gets me. What gets me is the next line, almost an aside. The singer’s voice dips lower into speaking tone, and, in a three word phrase, distills the pain of loss:  “Oh, I […]

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Q&A with Carl and Lorena

Two bearded old hippies drinking coffee.

To mark the publication of the 40th anniversary edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico,  the good folks over at Moon Travel Guides just posted a fun Q & A , which covers interesting elements of PG history.  

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People's Guide Classic: Carl's Tips on Learning Spanish

Over the course of more than thirty years in Mexico, I’ve had the benefit of many amateur tutors to correct and refine my Spanish. When it comes to learning a foreign language, however, I am not a ‘quick study’. (For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the Widow Twankey is cross with her son.) In spite of all my work, there’s no doubt that rough spots, gaps and outright grammatical embarrassments still remain. Based on my own […]

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Election Heating Up

A fascinating article from The Washington Post about the corruption in Mexico’s school system and how this could spell trouble for the ruling party.  There’s also a growing protest movement among Mexican university students who oppose the PRI candidate. Lopez Obrador just rose to second place, so this election is going to be a hot one.

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12 Awesome Mexican Dishes You'll Seldom Find in the U.S.

Tacos on the grill at a street stand.

Editor’s note: If Steve were still with us, no doubt this list would be longer…much longer. As it was, we had to rely on our panel of bickering in-house experts: Carl Franz, El Codo, and me, Churpa. Lorena was not available for comment and will no doubt be horrified by the preponderance of meat dishes. You may live in Portland or Seattle or New York, and your local Mexican joint may be a bistro that serves ‘authentic moles, farm to […]

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Letter from a Reader: Am I going crazy, or has Mexico?

editor’s note: We love hearing from our readers, and sometimes the conversations that develop seem worthy of a larger audience. If you feel up to adding a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Hi Carl and Lorena I’ve traveled with you folks for the last twenty years, and have had only wonderful fun on my trips there. Through all that time there have been people most willing to tell us scary stories about bandits and thugs […]

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