Oaxaca's San Felipe Campground Open Again

A view of Oaxaca mountainside, near San Felipe del Agua.

Our trials and travails finding camping in Oaxaca last year had us lamenting the closure of the popular San Felipe Campground. I’m happy to report we’ve just received word that the campground is open again, under new ownership. Located four miles north of downtown and adjacent to Benito Juarez National Park, the reopened campground features WiFi, hot showers, water and electricity at every campsite, and many sites with sewer hook-up. I posed a few questions to the new owners, Del […]

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New Oaxaca Campground

Camp hosts at Santa María Del Tule campground in Oaxaca.

Today I received exciting news of a new camp option in the Oaxaca area: Overlander Oasis is located in pretty Santa María Del Tule, about ten minutes east of Oaxaca City on Highway 190. Unfortunately, I did not get word of this place while we were in Oaxaca, so I was not able to check it out. But it looks nice. The small park is run by a Canadian couple and features 3-4 camp spots for vehicles, as well as […]

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The Call of the Beach: Oaxaca!

A hut on a beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We’ve been in Mexico for a month when it starts: this nagging feeling that something is missing. We’ve watched the sun set from colonial rooftops, we’ve trolled through dim mercados ogling the produce piled jewel bright, we’ve been serenaded by a mob (and some amateur mariachis), we’ve camped in the shade of a smoking volcano, we’ve hiked the summits of Hierve el Agua…But something is missing. The waking daydream sets in. My fellow beach bums (detest that term, but can’t […]

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Badgers Against Nescafe

  My friends Kat and Chris call me Badger. This name does not stem (I hope anyway) from my badger-like build, but rather my charming personality, which needs a coffee jump-start before it submits to the taming influences of civilization. Other than folding dirty tarps and crossing international borders, my least favorite thing about traveling is my eternal morning dilemma: How to acquire my coffee? When we camp or stay in a motel, I have a kitchen set-up that can […]

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Best of Mexico in Pictures: Hierve el Agua

Mineral formations at hierve el agua, warm pools in Oaxaca.

editor’s note: Gina’s pictures are from our expedition to Hierve el Agua, part of an action packed day wherein we visited the ruins of Mitla and the mineral springs pictured below, as well as several mezcal distilleries. Hierve el Agua is located about 70 k east of Oaxaca, past Mitla. You will pay a nominal “road upkeep fee” to the local ejido, as well as a 20 peso entry fee (per person) to the actual site. Once there, you can […]

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In Search of the Oaxaca Trailer Park

Downtown Oaxaca, Mexico

“I think go left here,” Churpa said, so I quickly pulled Miss Louisiane into the left lane in front of a little blue Vocho that honked as it then changed lanes and zipped past us on the right. In Mexico, you have to make your moves without hesitation or you’ll never make them at all. “I can’t go left. It’s one way.” I said as we approached the intersection. “Then go right,” she replied, as the right lane filled with […]

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Best of Mexico: Pictures

Sunset sky in Oaxaca, Mexico.

editor’s note: People’s Guide to Mexico contributor Gina Dilello is a Utah-based photographer and filmmaker. This is her fourth trip to Mexico. Atlixco, Puebla Churpa and Rich     Oaxaca, Oaxaca                                                                                  Oaxaca Trailer Park    Oaxaca, Oaxaca Oaxaca Trailer Park     Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mitla, Oaxaca  

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Camping and Accommodations in Oaxaca

A van parked in a hotel courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca –Accommodations and Camping We arrived in town just after sunset and embarked on a monumental wild goose chase for the Oaxaca Trailer park. I’d looked it up online, but the last known reference was from 2009, and the author seemed doubtful as to whether the place would exist as a camping spot much longer. We couldn’t find it, and after much teeth gnashing we headed downtown in search of a cheap hotel. We ended up staying at El Atrio, […]

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