Baja Gas Stations and Gas Update

The “gas station gap” of 200 miles between El Rosario and Jesus Maria is still there, but these days you’ll find “angeles” selling fuel out of gas cans at Cataviña and Punta Prieta. Expect to pay a dollar and a half more per gallon. In the winter, fierce winds in the gulf can delay the unloading of fuel barges in La Paz, which can causes shortages in Guerrero Negro, Santa Rosalia, Mulege and Loreto. But these scattered outages are getting […]

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Baja Roads, Towns, and Beaches: El Codo's Baja Travel Update

The coast of Baja.

The Baja California peninsula is more convenient to visit than ever. To many PG travelers the most important question is: “Can I still camp there on the beaches, safely?” With the exception of the northern Pacific coast beaches, (Tijuana to El Rosario) the answer is an unqualified “Yes!” More than a thousand miles of wide-open beaches await the wilderness camper.  Baja Car Permits and Tourist Cards If you want to venture much beyond Ensenada or stay longer than 72 hours […]

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New Highway in Baja

Carl sent me the following update from Jimm Budd of Mexico Tourism Professionals: “Baja California Sur is completing work on a throughway that will link Los Cabos with La Paz, capital of the state. The 120 mile long improvement is badly needed. The original Baja highway from Tijuana to Los Cabos was completed in the early 1970s but in stretches is in poor condition. The improved freeway will cut driving time in half and should help reduce accidents.“

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