Spring Here and There


photos by Tina Rosa

Here in the Oregon Coast Range, the winter has been a long sodden slog. We’ve endured a flood, a March snowstorm, and more sleet than I care to contemplate. Today, the sun is actually shining for the first time in weeks. It’s a little wan, yes, but it sparkles on the spiderwebs and budding branches and leads me to fanciful thoughts. Hmm…perhaps this corner of the world is not such a dreary place after all, I think as I walk up the driveway to observe tulips spearing through the dark ground and ruddy leaves unfurling on our rose bushes.

These signs of spring remind me of a passel of photographs my “sainted” mother recently sent from San Miguel de Allende, where she and a group of friends get together weekly for hikes and rambles. When I was in Mexico last December it was the dead of winter (which really has nothing on the dead of winter here in Oregon), and our walks in the countryside were studies in beige: beautiful, but stark. The vibrant shades in her recent photographs remind me that someday I need to see Mexico’s high desert in the springtime. Or for that matter, the headlands of Tenacatita…Or the hills of Colima…Tickets are awfully cheap right now.