Shed A Tear For Robin?

Our hearts go out to poor Robin, stuck in her huge house near the beach in Mexico, forced to answer questions from jealous gringos about what it is like to live in a huge house near the beach in Mexico. The suffering!

Got Questions About Mexico? Why I’m Ignoring Your Email

By Robin Noelle

At the end of the summer I moved in to a massive house. My house has four bedrooms, two kitchens, and three bathrooms. It’s big. Before you get the idea that I live in some palatial villa on the sea, I should mention that it’s a Mexican house in a Mexican neighborhood; this means it’s rustic.  Rustic is a word that gabachos use to mean crappy. For example: my house has rustic plumbing. It also has rustic water pressure, rustic paint, rustic stairs, and water rustically runs down the walls during heavy rain storms in the summer time. Still, the house is huge and I pay under $600 USD per month. I even have a giant yard filled with fruit trees and I can see the ocean from my roof.

When I moved into this house I decided it was far too large for me and my four-legged children, so I placed ad for a roommate. My idea was to get a gabacho from the states to come and rent for a month or two and then take a break before renting it out to some other gabacho. Accordingly, I placed ads on in a variety of cities across the U.S. I received no less than 100 emails.

Most of the emails entertained the idea of renting the downstairs of my house and some skipped that altogether and instead offered me a list of questions about Mexico. How much do I make? How do I earn a living? What are the expenses of living there? How can you get a visa? And so on and so on.

While whether or not I’m a nice person is highly debatable, I do try to be helpful from time to time and I answered the first 10-12 emails thoroughly and in great detail. This led to follow up questions and more emails and soon I was spending an ungodly amount of time answering questions about Mexico from random Internet strangers, most of whom had no intention of renting my place. Hmmm. At this point I did two things: I started deleting emails with questions about living in Mexico and I wrote a book on how to move to Mexico that answered every single question I ever had and all the questions from the emails.

The emails didn’t stop. When I applied for a freelance writing job, I got questions about Mexico. If I placed a personals ad to make new friends, I got questions about Mexico. Apparently all anyone does in the US and Canada is surf Craigslist in Mexico. This is good news for me because I’m sure my book is going to be huge.

So, if you email me and never get a reply, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t have the time to answer the same questions about Mexico over and over again. Of course, my hourly rate is $35.00 US, so if you want to hire me to answer questions about Mexico, you can do that, or you can simply wait for the book.

So You Want to Move to Mexico: The Ultimate Relocation Guide for Slackers, Spendthrifts and Neer-Do-Wells by Robin Noelle should be available in 2009.