Road Trip

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

Miss Lousiane at Playa Banco del Oro.


I can’t help daydreaming about our upcoming trip, even though it’s months away.  So far the plan is to head out in late December or early January. Our itinerary (still a subject of heated debate) includes Austin (home of the Salt Lick and the world’s best ribs), Zacatecas (now there’s a town where you can find a decent cup of espresso), San Miguel de Allende (I’m already thinking about the milanesa sandwiches at Torta Mundo), El Rebalsito (where Cuca makes the world’s best chiles rellenos and we’ll eat tacos on the street in the glow of a kitchen doorway) and the coast of Guerrero, where my fav culinary delights are yet to be discovered. Oh yeah, and I’m sure we’ll see some nice scenery and stuff.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Ah yes, Laredo / Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and onward! I haven’t quite figured out a shortcut from the coast to Ciudad de Oaxaca. It takes me at least a week or two of lazing around in a hammock at Zipolite to make up my mind. There is a super restaurant on the right side of Mex 200 about six miles before you get to San Marcos, which is south of Acapulco. I forgot the name, but it is something like nuevo milenium. Something to do with the time element. Incredibly old fashioned menu, from scratch food, and smiles from everyone. “$” prices. As low as one could hope for. On the south side of Puerto Escondido just before you cross the big bridge, on the left there is a brecha that leads down to a small camping area on your right.

    And your gasoline…order it up by the liter rather than “lleno” or a money amount. 80 liters will fill a 20 gallon tank with ease and the pump doesn’t care. It’ll click off when it’s ready. /Unscrupulous station owners have software to jimmy the electronic pumps but they cannot over ride the accuracy of an order specified in liters. Just don’t allow the attendant to stand there hand squeezing the gas into your tank, it’s OK once the nozzle clicks off from an auto fill, but not to start off and stand there squeezing the trigger the whole time. The attendants know this so don’t feel embarrassed to let them know “hand’s off!”. Not all stations have tampered pumps, but I cannot afford to donate an extra ten to fifteen percent for a little present to some dueño’s chica on her birthday. Ask any Méxicano about the liters rather than “lleno” or money quantity fill, and you’ll get an earful. And no, it isn’t superstition or a rumor. A station on Mex 14-D near Patzcuaro managed to atart from zeros on the pump and put almost 78 liters in my little dodge spirit’s tank. The gas gauge went from 1/4 to 3/4. I then asked for 20 liters more and it filled the tank. 98 liters. Twenty six gallons in a 16 gallon tank that already had a quarter fill in it. My Méxican friends in the back seat were howling with laughter.