Road Blog: Central America Overland Expeditions

Scott, Angela, and Bernard. (photo stolen from their blog.)

Back when I was a kid, a substantial migration of Mextrippers drove south every winter. Vehicles ranged from rust-speckled VW vans to tricked-out luxury liners (we once met an elderly couple who were driving in Fats Domino’s former tour bus, which was paneled in purple plush). Every year, we’d run into “our kind” in campgrounds,  on remote beaches, and in the coveted walled hotel parking lot (where we’d pay a few dollars to set up camp and access a bathroom). When we met with fellow travelers, we’d share travel tips, horror stories,  and (if we hit it off) good camp spots and secret camping beaches. These days, the RV community is the only strain of Mextripper culture  that really remains vital. It always saddens me that more people of my generation don’t get to enjoy the great adventure of driving across Mexico and Central America. Last year I vowed that I would blog my next drive to Mexico. My hope was to inspire a new generation to check out the truly awesome adventure potential afforded by a set of wheels, a visa, and a good cooler. Bernard, Scott, and Angela have beat me to it with their blog Central America Overland Expeditions. It’s great to see the drive to Mexico through fresh eyes!

Though I can’t help but feel a spark of envy for those rooftop tents…


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    This blog has my thumbs quivering straight up, as well. Nicely done, and a plea for them to keep it up. This is “traveler blogging” at its best IMHO.