Mark's Pick: Mexico Road Atlas

by Mark Walker

Mexico Road Atlas “Por las Carreteras de Mexico 2012” (Guia Roji)

If you are traveling to Mexico you are going to get a map of some kind. Por las Carreteras de Mexico is probably in more cars traveling south than any other map or atlas. Now in its 18th edition, the atlas has all of the features you will need, including an extensive index of towns and cities, a distance chart, and a page showing the symbology you will encounter on road signs in Mexico.

Besides mapping for all of Mexico at 1:1M scale, the atlas features enlarged maps for Central Mexico at 1:500K scale and maps of Belize and Guatemala. Forty-five different Highway Routes are included that show each of the principle routes you can take through Mexico (e.g. Mexico City – Guadalajara). Length of trip, toll booth locations, gas stations, highway intersections, panoramic vistas, and auto mechanics are just some of the characteristics shown along the way. The atlas includes an index of approximately 13,000 locations and maps of 51 cities. Each year more of the new toll roads are added to the atlas, which makes it an indispensable tool for travel to Mexico. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. $24.95 here.

For further information contact Mark Walker at Mexico Maps.