Reader Question: Will Mexican Furniture Stores Ship to the US?

 A reader writes:

Brightly painted chairs and table, Mexican style.Hi,

My wife and I would love to visit Guadalajara and purchase all the interior  and exterior furniture, fixtures, art  work, wall hangings  etc.  for our home here in San Diego, Ca.  Is it possible to locate a manufacturer, make the necessary purchases and ship or truck it to San Diego ?

 We hope so.

Sincerely,  Steve and Alexandra


Hi Steve and Alexandra

You’ve chosen a great location for your shopping expedition, and the short answer is: Yes.  There are various such shipping companies and every major manufacturer and store should be set up to do it themselves.



p.s. Check out the nearby town of Tonala for ceramics and glassware.

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  1. Steve Ford says:

    Churpa, thanks for the reply and encouragement. We will be going forward with this adventure and will be visiting Tonala. If you have any other recommendations for us please send them along. Mil gracias.