Quick Tenacatita Update

photo by Gina Dilello

Although last year’s court ruling clearly states that the public must have free access to Tenacatita, access is still limited. Many locals have been denied access completely. When we visited the beach a few weeks ago (more on that later), we went through the gated checkpoint of Rodenas-paid private security that blocks free access to the beach. Our vehicle was thoroughly searched and we were told the rules: no beer, no taking pictures of anything except the ocean, no going up to the road or palapas (meaning no access to shade or bathrooms), and we had to be out by 5 PM. The guards were pleasant to us, but the snarling german shepherd guard dogs were a little intimidating. (One was straining on its leash trying to attack us, and the guard could barely control it.)

We just got a report from friends in the area. The guards are espousing a new rule: you may visit the beach to walk on it, but no stopping or sitting is allowed.

Meanwhile, the new governor has finally taken office, so we are hoping he will make good on his promise to move against Rodenas. Stay tuned.

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  1. Liz Hodgins says:

    I so hope the new governor holds to his promise, but unfortunately politicians aren’t known for keeping “promises” made while campaigning. I am so sorry the locals’ beach is being held captive by snarling german shepards and human rule guards–that’s despicable!
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    On a lighter note, Waldo Lake survived another ban on motorized engines–great news in the Oregonian this morning.
    Hasta la pasta! ~(Stole that from your mom years ago:) Liz

  2. churpa says:

    Hahah. My mom stole “hasta la pasta” from me. Thanks for reading. As for the governor—local people actually got these promises on video, so at least there’s that.