Question from a Reader: Furniture Stores in Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta at night.

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Lynn says: My husband and I love Bucerias. We have recently bought a condo in this wonderful town. Now we need to figure out where to go to purchase furnishings. We have been warned that not all shopkeepers deliver what they promise – or what you bought. We are looking for contemporary furniture. We found a store called Artrel in Puerto Vallarta but cannot find out anything about it. Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Churpa: Thanks for writing Lynn! Hmmm…All of my furniture buying in Mexico has been limited to the highlands. Last time I was in Guanajuato , my mother and I had a great time touring the furniture tallers that surround San Miguel de Allende. After shopping around, we ended up picking out a very beautiful hand-carved wardrobe for a couple of hundred dollars. The artisan delivered it to my mom’s house (about 20 miles away) for free, and she paid him upon delivery, plus a tip for his trouble.

As for general advice about shopping in Mexico: I think you chances of being cheated are about the same as they would be in the U.S. or Canada. So my advice would be the same: shop around, ask around, price check, examine furniture carefully before buying, be polite the shop keeper or artisan (I probably don’t need to mention that one!), and don’t buy things site unseen unless you have a good reason to trust the company.

Anyone have suggestions for Lynn re: furniture shopping in PV? And Lynn, we would love to hear back from you about your experience.


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  1. Jeff O'Brien says:

    Across the road from Krystal hotel is a fantastic furniture and curio store

  2. -El Codo- says:

    Try “Azteca” and ” Coppell’ they are both furniture chains. For custom furniture ask for “Muebles Regionál” Beware of pino (pine) the wood is seldom kiln dried and can split. Coveted wood is “Parota” bright red, and beautiful. My best plan is to purchase furniture frames then buy top quality foam in the US, along with the material. Wishful thinking if you don’t have a pickup truck or RV.

    A 4″ mattress topper of USA memory foam may or may not backfire. Memory foam may be too warm for tropical climates for many folks. But really carefully chosen memory foam is heaven on earth comfortable. I’m writing this laying atop a Mexican colchón (mattress) that would send one of those Indian lay-on-a-bed-of-nails swami’s running for the Himalayas. Grumble, grumble: The definition of a Mexican bed. Five feet by five feet, and count ’em 48 uneven steel coils topped with lumped cotton as thick as a towel. Two pillows to each bed. Throw one out in the street. If a car hits it, the car gets totaled, the pillow unscathed. Sheets with so much starch you can stand them upright like a sheet of plywood. One especially scratchy blanket, and a bedspread that crawls toward your feet all during the night.

  3. Sheryl Novak says:


    We are happy to assist with furnishing your home in Mexico – we purchased here 6 years ago and found it quite difficult to get everything done, delivered in a short period of time – we didn’t speak Spanish then, and we didn’t where to go/who to trust. So, we started an online furniture store for other Canadians and Americans who were in the same boat as us. We have gone around Mexico and found the best items – ones that are preferred by Canadians/Americans and have put them in an “online mall”. Our prices are much lower than what you would pay at a retailer because we purchase mostly from manufacturers. We also have a lot of knowledge we share with you on what will be a good furniture investment and what to avoid. If we can help with anything, just give us a shout at our website! :) Sheryl and the team at SOLutions Mexico