Poets To Gather In Mexico

U.S. Poets in Mexico 3rd Annual Poetry Festival visits Playa del Carmen next January 2011 — Featuring Poetry Workshops and Readings by Contemporary American and Mexican Poets

In January 2011, U.S. Poets in Mexico will be visiting Playa del Carmen.  U.S. Poets in Mexico will bring contemporary American and regional Mexican poets to different cities in Mexico every year for one week of poetry workshops, readings and discussions.

USPiM’s January 2011 Playa del Carmen faculty will include: Rae Armantrout (her latest book, Versed was a finalist for the National Book Award and is a finalist for the upcoming National Book Critics Circle Award); Diane Wakoski (notable author of over forty books of poetry-many from Black Sparrow Press); Carolyn Forche (author of four volumes of poetry and human rights activist), Mark Weiss (publisher of Junction Press and editor of the bilingual anthology, Across the Line / Al otro lado: The Poetry of Baja California and most recently of the acclaimed The Whole Island (La Isla in peso): Six Decades of Cuban Poetry); Susan Rich (her latest book is The Alchemist’s Kitchen) and Jen Hofer (author of several books of poetry and editor and translator of Sin Puertas Visibles, an anthology of contemporary poetry by Mexican women (co-published by Univ. of Pittsburgh Press and Ediciones Sin Nombre).  USPiM will feature discussions with world-renowned poet, Jerome Rothenberg, author of over fifty books of poetry and editor of at least five major anthologies of contemporary poetry. Our featured readings include Alberto Blanco, one of Mexico’s most notable poets and author of over twenty-six books of poetry and a notable translator), Luis Cortés Bargalló, poet, translator and editor of Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico, Lineas Conectados: Nueva poesia de los Estados Unidos, and Feliciano Sánchez Chan, a Maya language poet who is very active in the Maya writers’ community. Faculty members will also provide nightly readings that are FREE to the public.

Other News: Our Residency translation series, Two Voices and One Vision  (dos voces y una visión), will begin in June 2010. American poet Forrest Gander and Mexican poet Alfonso D’Aquino will be translating ten of each others poems while in residency in Coatepec, a Pueblos Mágico located in the state of Veracruz.  USPiM will produce a documentary film about their week-long translation residency.

U.S. Poets in Mexico was formed in 2008 by poet Sheila Lanham. The program was born out of a love poetry, a love of Mexico, and a desire to know more about Mexican poetry and to share that knowledge.

Contact:  Sheila Lanham, Director

P.O. Box 4150, Grand Central StationNew York, NY 10163

Email:  USPIM@earthlink.net

Website:  http://www.uspoetsinmexico.org