Poco's Leap

Poco, a Mexican street-dog with the personality of a snapping turtle. 1999-2011 Photo by Carl Franz

Poco, a Mexican street dog, moved from Lake Chapala to the foothills of Mt Baker, in northwest Washington state, in the spring of 2004. Poco loved the water, from chasing gulls along the muddy shores of Lake Chapala, to the riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean. But once he moved to the homestead, the streams and marshes of the Nooksack Rivers became his great joy.

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  1. Tina V. Rosa says:

    Looks like he may have also had a little river-rat in him!

  2. -El Codo- says:

    I guess Poco sensed I like canines. I had him moaning and groaning in ecstasy when I massaged his back. Lorena could scarcely believe it when she saw him curled up on my feet. I grew fond of him in a very short time. Viva el poco!