pennyroyal oil

I am moveing to san blas soon and i am looking for pennyroyal oil for no seeum protection and I am having troble finding it

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  1. El Codo says:

    Order it over the internet. Aceite de Poleo is tough to find in Mexico and the state of California has banned OTC retail sales.

    I used ONE SINGLE SOLITARY DROP spread over both legs and feet, both arms and hands and head. Not one drop for each, one drop total. The stuff is unbelievably effective.

    Good pennyroyal oil has a distinctive minty aroma. One fluid OZ of pennyroyal lasts me mearly a year, used every day.

    I also found out by trial and error that the difference between 30% and 100% DEET is not how effective it is at preventing bites but rather how long, the duration of action.

    Take DEET with you and it might as well be the pure stuff for packing size reasons. Two ounces of DEET plus an OZ of pennyroyal oil is a lot of protection when used together and will last a long, long time.

  2. jeff O'Brien says:

    Good skeeter repellent too? I was in Melaque this year and the skeeters were out in force and I hate slathering on tons of DEET and such. But I don’t like Dengue either

  3. El Codo says:

    I consider it superior to even pure DDT because mosquitoes hover further away and there is no annoying flitting or buzzing in the ears.

  4. alan armstrong says:

    Hi folks,
    I tried the pennyroyal oil/deet mixture years ago when I first read about it in the PGM, and tried it out in San Blas, Nayarit. It’s great!
    As suggested, you can order it on-line, or I’ve been able to get it at some health food stores. It’s not cheap. but one drop goes a long way and a small bottle lasts ages.