Passport Alert! The People’s Guide to Mexico

There is unwelcome news in the “Red Tape” department:  in December of 2006 the U.S. government will require passports as identification for virtually everyone entering the country from Mexico and Central America.  This includes children.

We’ve always recommended a passport as your best form of I.D. when traveling, but the combined cost for a family, especially a family on a short or one-time vacation in Mexico, will be painful.There have been a lot of protests about this program but the real screaming won’t begin, I predict, until American tourists start returning from Mexico next year — having neglected to get a passport. 

My guess, which is optomistic, is that the government will have to back down, at least to some degree.  For that reason, I suggest that you check back here, or drop in occasionally to the Passport Agency website for updates. 741.html

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  1. Carl says:

    After digging through various websites Lorena discovered that the requirement for passports will be phased in:

    Dec 31, 2006: those entering the U.S. by air
    Dec 31, 2007: those entering by land.

    stay tuned….

  2. patty carrillo says:

    please….bad news to be forced to present a passport upon return and/or travel to.. another country??? give me a break….
    all the folks who scream loudest about border security will no doubt do the same screaming at the airport…in front of me at immigration and customs; last time i came into the country fr abroad a very angry women turned to me and said “they should know we’re AMERICAN…’
    its not bad news, its common sense that we atleast go thru the motions of checking country of origen purpose for trip est date of return and etc

  3. Carl says:


    Is it really vital for “homeland security” to require small children to have a passport in order to spend a weekend in Puerto Vallarta? Or, as you say, is this just “going thru the motions”?

    thanks for commenting,