Panel of Food Experts in London Name "Best Taco in the World"

As food blogger Nicholas Gilman reports, a panel of experts in London weighed in on the best “traditional fast food” in the world. The awards were divied up to seven categories of contenders: sandwich, sausage, pizza, curry, burger, fried chicken and taco.

Three of the nominees in the taco category were not from Mexico, but happily a taqueria in Queretero won, thus preventing potential riots in Mexico. The taqueria in question, Barbacoa Santiago, is a barbacoa joint. Although I have never had the pleasure of visiting this august establishment, it’s easy for me to believe that they make an exemplary taco. Some of the best food I ate on my last trip to Mexico was at a barbacoa joint outside of Queretero, so I have utmost faith in the region’s chops (no pun intended). On the other hand, I do not necessarily have the utmost faith in the ability of a bunch of gringos to judge the world’s greatest tacos, but I’ll hold my lengua on that…

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  1. -el codo- says:

    Like having a bunch of Swedes running around judging Cantonese cuisine. I bet this gave a big bunch of Méxicanos, smiles, and knowing winks.