Packing Pros and Con: Frying Pan or Fishnet Stockings?

Final countdown to flight! I’m facing the challenge of packing for a five week trip to Mexico that involves a “beach party,” at least one costume party, three or more weeks dirt camping, a rodeo, and a tournament of coconut golf (lingerie or official golf attire required). To figure out what makes the final cut, I’ve created a pros and cons list for the more questionable items.

item pros cons
fishnet stockings light, will “dress” up any outfit devoid of practical value
giant cast iron pan awesome heavy, may be too big for beer can stove
pith helmet adds character to any outfit, good in monsoons, sun protection unwieldy, colonial
sailor hat jaunty, lightweight, compact still dirty from last party
captain’s hat ”                                                  “ chintzy variety, so devoid of practical value
cocktail shaker makes cocktails, could double as drinking glass pretentious
stuffed tiger comforting, lightweight, could guard camp? I am 35, people may have questions
mesh shirt lightweight, could double as actual fish net? does not provide warmth or coverage
wig makes costume   itchy, hot, won’t fit right on my giant head
running shoes comfortable, good for running hideous, bulky, then I might have to run

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  1. Tina Rosa says:

    Haha! Back in ’82 you knew how to travel light!
    Your Mama and Papa never did learn how. A van is not a van unless it’s FULL!

  2. -El Codo- says:

    The hiss and slosh of the wavelets. The rustle of the trade wind in the fronds. The slightly bitter bite of good cerveza sliding down the back of the throat. Brushing the sand from sunning arms and legs and discovering your skin is surprisingly hot. Where is the sunscreen? Is that a sailboat jibing into the bay? Your bones, your liver, your toes are actually warm for the first time in months. “God I hope no one asks me a question about anything – I’m not up to it.”

    Somebody, tell me exactly why I have to live different than this – ever?

    Peoples Guide Rewards