Obrador Challenges Election Results

Mexico with Mexican flag.

Obrador is contesting the results of last Sunday’s presidential election. He accuses the PRI of buying votes to secure victory. The BBC reports:

…Will Grant in Mexico City says it is not just Mr Lopez Obrador’s team who are pushing for alleged irregularities to be investigated.

There is a broad spread of people, not necessarily from the left, who feel that votes in their parts of Mexico were tampered with, he adds.

note: special thanks to El Codo for directing us to the article.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    The gift cards were SORIANA store cards, if that means anything. A whole raft of senadores and deputados not on any ballot were ushered in with the PRI win. Included were the president for life head of the Teacher’s Union, and president of the Petroleos Méxicanos workers union. Both are exceedingly wealthy by US standards.