Deportes – Mexico’s U23 men’s soccer team is going to the London Olympics! After beating Canada 3-1 in the semifinal round, Mexico beat Honduras 2-1 in a largely meaningless match, as both teams had already qualified. In going undefeated through the qualifiers, Mexico outscored opponents by an astounding 16-3.

Inmigración – The Christian Science Monitor reports that illegal immigration to the United States has dropped to a “net zero” state. With the US economy struggling and tough new laws in states like Arizona, fewer Mexicans are tempted to cross the border illegally. Additonally, improving employment prospects in Mexico have tripled the number of Mexicans returning to their homes. Don’t look for Republicans to drop this as an election issue, however.

Extraño – In a story straight from an old Hollywood western, a Mexico City police officer survived a shooting when the bullet struck his badge. He was taken to the hospital where doctors found an “impact in the chest but no penetration.”